2014-2015 members

Tanna Stucky - Chairperson

Jeff Anshus                     Kathy Nelson
Jennifer Bailey  
              Jackie Fountain                  
Barb Petron                    Tara Hemsing
Tracy Anshus                 Greg Borders

Who serves as Advisory Council members?  The council is a diverse group of community members, which represents parents, non-parents, singles, students, seniors, business/industry, service organizations, faith groups, and the broader educational community. I want to personally invite you to become part of the advisory board. Call me at(320) 584-4257 to see how!

We welcome community input into all of our educational programs.  Contact any of the members if you have comments or if you have a program you’d like to see us add.  Don’t forget…we are always looking for people from within our community to share their talents by instructing a class!